1. Must be ages 6 to 18 for karate and ages 9 to 18 to be eligible for guidance.
  2. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and have no "F's" or "WB's".
  3. Motivated and willing to be responsible for their own learning.
  4. Must attend classes on a consistent basis.
  5. Good physical and mental health.


Our objectives are supported by community service and activities that build trust and confidence in Kick Start Karate.

  1. ​provide alternative activities to combat juvenile delinquency and youth gang membership
  2. ​promote education, guidance, physical well-being and training of our young people
  3. ​foster a positive family atmosphere amongst the participants, parents, and families
  4. ​promote leadership building skills for its members
  5. ​build partnerships between government and private agencies that can provide funding, facilities and equipment
  6. ​reward excellence and exemplary performance through awards, scholarships and other incentives
The objectives are to:



To provide alternative activities to combat anti-social youth gang membership in a welcoming environment while encouraging positive changes and enhanced quality of life with all participants through building leadership skills and a sense of empowerment, resulting in more productive citizens, and ultimately, a healthier society.
Kick Start Karate was founded in 1994 by then Assistant Chief of Police Lee D. Donohue and Mrs. Amy Abe, an Educator from Waipahu High School.  Nearly 1,000 youngsters have participated in Kick Start Karate since its inception.  A great number of our students who finished high school while still in Kick Start have gone on to higher education and scholarships made available to upon acceptance and proof of registration with a accredited college or university.

Everyone accepted into the program would be required to participate in karate.  Guidance is available for those that meet the minimum age requirement.  It is highly encourage that all students, parents and families participate in community service projects, seminars, family enrichment events and other Kick Start Karate related functions being offered.  This one of a kind program is also offered at no cost.